Leticia Lopez’s Story

Leticia Lopez

Donor Mom & Recipient Wife

My family’s story begins eight years before my son, Lorenzo Jr., died and became an organ donor. My husband – his father – suffered from kidney failure and was put on dialysis. When Lorenzo Jr. learned that his father, Lorenzo Sr., would eventually need a transplant, he was concerned for him. He was upset and wondered why more people didn’t donate, and shared that he wanted to donate his organs after he died.

That was the kind of person Lorenzo Jr. was – kind. Since he was a little boy, he was always working for others. If someone bullied one of his friends, he always stood up for them.

Eight years later when Lorenzo Jr. passed away, I was so upset that I forgot about our conversation. We were approached about organ donation and his friends reminded me that he wanted to donate. I followed his wishes and said yes. He saved the lives of four people – including his father.

While we were working with the team at the hospital, they asked us if we knew anyone on the list. We were surprised at the question and Lorenzo Sr. was currently listed for a transplant. He received our son’s kidney and, thank God, he’s still healthy today. In the beginning, it was hard for him. Now, we talk about how blessed he is to have part of our son with him.

Donation helped us with the grieving process. It still breaks my heart, but at the same time, I’m so proud of my son and I’m proud he’s living on in others. I have a son with a purpose, and it was giving life. What else can I ask for? In between the pain, I’m grateful for others. Think of the blessing you can be and donate life.

Have faith, hope and bless others by registering as a donor.

Leticia volunteers with Texas Organ Sharing Alliance.

Leticia Lopez

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