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The shortest distance between two people is a story

Everyone touched by donation and transplantation has a story to tell. These Texans’ stories of hope and healing connect us, and remind us that the gift of donation is a powerful, human gift from one person to another.

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Dot Delarosa

Lung Recipient

I am eternally grateful for my lifesaving gift. Every day, with every breath, I honor my organ donor.

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Walter Williams

Donor Father

We want others to know that the decision to donate is life changing, both for the recipient families and the donor’s family.

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Lucia Perez

Liver Recipient

There are a lot of myths about donation, and I always tell people to get the facts because the myths aren’t true.

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Lemuel Bradshaw

Heart Recipient

My family and I have each other today because two people said yes to donation and gave me the gift of life.

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Shannon Lenox

Donor Mom

There’s no greater love than one who gives himself to a stranger. Donation is the beauty out of the ashes for us.

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Don Uecker

Donor Spouse

Register and let medical professionals decide later what can be donated. You never know what kind of impact is possible.

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Joan Frederick

Cornea Recipient

Because of the incredible gift I received, I feel like I won the lottery. I didn’t win money, but I got my life back.

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Leticia Lopez

Donor Mom & Recipient Wife

I’m so proud of my son and I’m proud he’s living on in others. I have a son with a purpose, and it was giving life.

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Victor Ramirez Jr.

Tissue Recipient

Once I learned what donation really meant, I registered as a donor. Anyone can be a hero at the end of their lives.

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